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About us

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To provide premium furniture, for all budgets, designed to last. We do so by minimizing administrative costs, selling with integrity, while returning wealth to the people who deserve it most.

Origin story

Daniel Nehlawi first started selling furniture in 2019. He instantly fell in love with furniture and seeing the spark it can create for anybody looking to improve the comfort and appeal of their home. However, not too long after he started was when he realized the strategies being used to pressure customers into buying low quality, overpriced furniture that they clearly did not want. Ever since that moment, Daniel has dedicated his professional career to solving a set of problems that plague to furniture industry. These problems include supply chain issues, manipulative sales tactics, poor quality, overpricing, unsustainable manufacturing, and more. This company is his plan to tackle these very problems. After years of preparation and dedication, Daniel is proud to present his entrepreneurial debut: Bastouri Decor.


Our Values



Everybody deserves to live in a place they feel safe, content, and comfortable. We are dedicated to ensuring our pricing structure is geared to support all families and individuals, no matter your tax bracket, and no matter how much you want to spend.

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The existing furniture sales model is broken. Salespeople and marketers push cheap products. When your furniture falls apart, you journey to buy another cheaply made piece of furniture which also will need to be replaced once it too loses its lustre. Bastouri Decor won't ever encourage you to purchase an item unless we are confident that it's the right piece for you.



Just like fast fashion, fast furniture is a problem that plagues our industry. Bastouri Decor is dedicated to finding you furniture items that are designed to last, because that is the best way to protect our planet and your wallet.



Your home shouldn't just look good, it should feel good too. We're here to help ensure your space is just as comfortable as it looks.



Our salespeople are proud of their profession, and will never guide you to purchase a product for the sake of “closing another sale.” The clients’ interests come first. Our pay check comes second. Period.


Fiscal Transparency

You deserve to know where your money is going. That is why your invoice will include a breakdown of all costs that contribute to your total, including shipping fees, profit margin, and product cost.


Purchase Management

Your purchases should be delivered on time. While many delays may be completely out of our control, we strive to ensure you are never left in the dark, and are always in the know regarding any updates on your decorating project.


Proactive Service

It’s our opinion that’s the best customer service isn't to try and make our clients happy once they are upset, but to prevent these clients from ever getting dissatisfied in the first place. That is why we keep diligent track of every item you order, to ensure they are built properly, arrive on time, and make you happy.

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