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Bastouri Decor is Your Resource for
Everything Furniture and Decor

Our clients come to us for one reason: to help them ensure they invest in the furniture that's right for them.

Some clients want us to help them find their dream designer sofa. Others want us to find them a sofa that gets the job done and lasts for years. We all have something different in mind when it comes to finding the right furniture for our home, but one thing is simple for our clients to understand:


If you're looking for furniture, we're here to make it simple


Unbeatable Prices

Because we aren’t bound to any vendor, we can shop directly from manufacturers, as well as any furniture showroom you'd like (even places like IKEA and Wayfair). Since we are able to shop from anywhere, we have extra negotiating power with our vendors, allowing us to negotiate discounts between 5% and 25%.


How it Works

5 Simple Steps



Our final step is product delivery. As a client of Bastouri Decor, you will always be well informed of your delivery date, and we will ensure no deliveries are needlessly delayed as a result of administrative oversight.

Purchase Management

Our purchase management software ensures timely and orderly coordination between suppliers, decorators, delivery personnel, and more. The result: we consistently meet the high standards for customer services that traditional furniture stores fail to live up to.


The first step to getting you your wonderful furniture is talking with each other to determine: - Your target price point - Your ideal timeline - Your lifestyle - Your desired style. Once we have this information, we can move on to step 2.


With the information gathered in step 1, we will proceed to find the furniture best suited for you. Either in person or remotely, we will be there to ensure you never overpay for your furniture. We will ensure that your furniture will stand the test of time, and most importantly, we will work our hardest to find you furniture that you absolutely love.


No payment is required upfront. Only once you buy your products do you submit your payment, which is a predetermined percentage value of the item you are purchasing. For more information, please visit our pricing below.


10% of your furnishing expenditure

Suitable for consultation on individual item purchases, such as a sofa, dining set, or wall & floor accents

What’s Included?
  • Dedicated account manager

  • Permanent invoice storage

  • Proactive project tracking

  • 5-25% discount on the majority of your purchases

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