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Bastouri Decor is your everything partner

When our decor partners succeed, we succeed.

If you are like our friends, you didn't become a decorator because you love marketing, or project management, or sales. You became a decorator because you want to make homes beautiful. And we want to help you do just that.


From finding clients to fulfilling your project, we are here to help every step of the way.



Client’s of interior decorators don’t just rely on their decorator to make their home look nice, but to also make it functional. Our database of suppliers will ensure you will always find the furniture that you’re looking for, while adhering to our strict criteria for high quality.


How it Works

5 Simple Steps



The first step to working together is having a discussion to determine if we have compatible business models. Because our brand is built on trust, we must ensure you meet our strict criteria that all our partners are required to meet. If you'd like to get an idea on whether or not you feel we'd be compatible, feel free to visit our mission and values page to learn more on what we are about.


Once we determine we are compatible, we will start to work together to source only the best furniture for your clients’ needs. As partners of Bastouri Decor, you will have access to our full list of vendors. As we do for everyone we work with, we will ensure to negotiate on your behalf to ensure you are getting the best pricing available.


Clients are invoiced for every purchase they make with us. Once they purchase an item, clients are invoiced a predetermined percentage of their total purchase value (before taxes), and the client will submit payment to you directly, meaning you get paid right away, and you never have to worry about your payment passing through the hands of a third party.


Our final step is product delivery. Clients are always well informed of their delivery date, and since we are the industry leaders in purchase management, we will ensure no deliveries are needlessly delayed as a result of administrative oversight.

Purchase Management

Once a purchase is made with the supplier, purchase management begins. This includes following up with suppliers to ensure production is on schedule, items have shipped on time, and more.

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